Meet The Doctor

Arelvis A. Narvaez-Moore, DDS MHA

I come from a Colombian family with a rich medical heritage of physicians and educators.  Among my family members one most distinguished is Dr. Rafael Alvear Teran.  Dr. Alvear Teran is recognized as “The last exponent of the Anatomo-Clinical method in the University of Cartagena” where he was a distinguished professor. 

I earned my dental degree from the University of Cartagena in 1993. I did rotations at the University Hospital during my training. During these rotations I encountered severe medical conditions that have manifestations in the oral cavity.  This experience has led me to see the human body as a whole.  At times I find it important to consider a  holistic approach to Dentistry.

I have become acquainted with Dentistry in the United States through my work at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas where I observed faculty work for five years. I was impressed with the comprehensive care that UNLV offered to patients and their paperless technology.

I practice dentistry by intently observing my patients.  I study and record detailed findings in my patient’s first visit and listen carefully to their concerns and opinions including those of their family members.  I love to practice and study Dentistry.  I also enjoy reading about general health and medicine.

 My clinic, St. Francis Dental, is patient centered. We prioritize patient care.  Don’t be surprised if I answer the phone as I am always accessible and like a personal approach with patients.   I love all my patients.  I particularly enjoy my elderly patients because of the wisdom they impart and their life experiences that I am sometimes lucky enough to hear about. I become a better dentist every time I listen and understand a patient’s worries and concerns.

 I practice healthy eating and regular exercise. I incorporate my knowledge of physiology and nutrition to create a healthier me.  When I am stressed, I like to paint in oil and watercolors and meditate. I love reading the newspaper and going for walks with my husband and dog.

I have devoted myself to my patients’ dental health and well being through knowledge gained from extensive experience and academic pursuit. I retain active membership with the Academy of General Dentistry, California Dental Association, Harbor Dental Society and the American Academy of General Dentistry. Recognizing that dentistry is a constantly changing field, I actively pursue improvement of knowledge and technology through continuing education in dentistry and health care management.  

I have practiced with dental networks throughout Southern California. At my clinic, St. Francis Dental  is devoted to affordable dentistry and the treatment of all patients with dignity and respect.  Patients of all walks of life are welcome to a relaxed atmosphere of quality and comfort. St. Francis Dental offers state-of-the-art digital dentistry in a paperless office.

I continue to further my knowledge of new advancement in Dentistry and have attended many Dental courses in different cities of the USA, such as: